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Business For Sale

The Perfect Opportunity With Lots of Growth Potential

Mont Royal Watches
For Sale

PRICE: $25,999 CAD



A profitable re-designed and optimized online store of original quality watches, established in 2018. A turnkey business opportunity with lots of growth potential.

Cashflow positive - All stock owned - Zero debt.





SEBASTIEN - Co-Founder & Director of Product
Hard-working with a very keen eye for details, Sebastien is a successful product designer. He has been involved in many startups and large company projects helping them to understand user challenges and business opportunities. Driven by his passion for design, he is the creative mind behind the Mont Royal Watches collections.


JOCELYN - Co-Founder & Director of Operations
Passionate about all thigs digital, Jocelyn has been involved in the Web development realm his whole career, since 1997. Helping large organizations and brands develop and refine their online strategy as an independent digital business consultant. Building products that improve the way people live and work.


Why did we decide to start this business?

An idea hatched late 2016, by longtime friends Sébastien Malherbe (originally from Nice, France), and Jocelyn Arsenault (originally from Prince Edward Island, Canada). The two entrepreneurs decided to put their talents together to work on a new entrepreneurial challenge: build a new profitable venture from scratch, and somehow have a positive impact on the world. The only requirement was for this new venture to be an online store and direct to consumers. The idea was to design a luxury classic watch for the fashion-conscious men & women looking for a sophisticated and contemporary style, without breaking the bank; a watch that would stand out from the mass-produced minimalist designed watches that have flooded the market; a watch that would have a positive impact on the world by giving back. 

The current 2 watch models are our own in-house designs, for which we own the design specs and technical drawings. We worked with a Chinese manufacturer to source the materials and manufacture the watches for us. This was the only route possible to manufacture a quality watch at an affordable price of under $500.  

This is not a drop shipping business. We actually hold our inventory locally here in Canada and self-fulfill all orders from our offices in Montreal, in order to maximize our profit margin on each unit sold.



Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign:
- Finding Target
- Total Raised

 September 2017

Inventory manufactured:

November 2017

Inventory imported to Canada:

January 2018

Bilingual Online store launch:

February 2018

Complete redesign of the online store:

January 2020

Created separate stores for both languages

July 2020


**Over the period of March 2020 to July 2020, the business was put on hold due to personal reasons, thus sales were at a very minimum.



Why we decided to sell your business?

We are both serial entrepreneurs, and over the past year our personal situations have changed. We realized in order to take the business to the next level would require investing more time in this venture, as described in the "Advice" section . We strongly believe in the potential of this brand and  business. We are convinced that entrepreneurs who want to invest time and effort  in this business could make it a huge success. The brand is strong and the quality of the product is real. As the world is seeing a massive shift to online retail, this is a real turnkey business opportunity with great potential for growth for the right person(s).

What’s involved in running this business?

Now that the online store has completely been re-designed and optimized, most of the focus is on increasing the reach and generating qualified traffic to the site. Testing ad creatives and strategies, increasing the email base and preparing newsletters, optimizing automated email campaigns, product photography, social media content and responding to customer support questions. Since we are not currently using a fulfillment service or drop shipping service, some time is required to self fulfill and ship orders.






How would we grow the store over the next five years?

Over the past year we have worked hard on re-designing and optimizing the online store, along with creating separate stores for the English version ( and the French version ( and creating tons of new visuals. Currently, the bulk of our traffic is from organic search and through Facebook Ads.  We prepared a plan to activate Google Ads, in order to get in front of people with the intent to buy and approach micro influencers on Youtube and Instagram, but we have not yet executed on this due to a lack of time bandwidth.  Also, we had the plan to introduce a new automatic watch model to the collection.   

The current state and level of the online store would provide many growth opportunities to potential buyers, including the following:

  • Activate Google Ads: To get in front of users with the buying intent
  • Continue to optimize Facebook Ads
  • Grow the newsletter subscriber base through Facebook Ads and contests
  • Work with micro influencers on Youtube and Instagram
  • Introduce new models to the collection


Realistically, it's just a matter of a time investment that is required to take the store to the next level.  Easy to run, unusually high-profit margin, unlimited growth opportunity. 

The amount of online shoppers has exponentially increased in recent months due to the COVID-19 situation and will continue to increase at a very rapid.


Any specific skills or knowledge that the new owner should have?

Potential owners should be familiar with the Shopify platform, social media marketing strategies, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, email marketing and Google Analytics. All this is very easy to take a hold of and the learning curve is very soft. No programming skills required. Easy to run, unusually high-profit margin, unlimited growth opportunity.




Logo and branding assets (Value $5,000)

  • All logo and branding assets with source files  (No trademarks)
  • English online store (Shopify - Basic Plan)
  • French online store (Shopify - Basic Plan)
  • Domain names for both store
  • Facebook Pixel, with over 2 years of data
  • Optimized Facebook Ads Account
  • Google Account with Google Analytics
  • All support and “How To” videos
  • All watch designs and technical drawings
  • All shipping supplies

Files will be transferred through Google Drive and ownership of all properties will be transferred to the buyer. 

Social Media Properties & Mailing List (Value $1,000)

  • All social media properties (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube & Pinterest)
    • With over 4000 followers
  • Newsletter Email Mailing List
    • With over 2700 cleaned emails
  • Optimized automated email marketing campaigns (MailChimp)


Product photos (Value $5,000)

  • All product and advertising photos (More than 1000 professional assets)
  • 3D render of each watches
  • Promo videos
  • Unboxing videos

All files will be transferred through Google Drive.


Personal support after sale

We will provide about 10 hours to potential buyers as transition support and platform walkthrough and training.


Physical inventory (As of October 2021)


  • Cost of $69.86/unit ($9,850)
  • Retail value of: $41,736 


  • Cost of $53.04/unit ($3,869)
  • Retail value of $18,900

WATCH STRAPS: 106 units

  • Cost of $8.30/unit ($880)
  • Retail value of $5,000







Annual Sales

YTD: $15,818

2020: $20,010

2019: $36,480

2018: $27,214

Monthly Averages

Avg orders per month: 20

April 2021 Sales: $4,910

Avg Profit: $2200

Profit Margins: 43%

Avg ROAS: 5

Avg Return Rate: 0.08%

Other details about the performance

All sales are from the two online stores. One for the English market and one for the French market. Numbers above represent a combined view. With more time invested in running and optimizing online ads, there would be an opportunity for unlimited growth.

**Over the period of March 2020 to July 2020, the business was put on hold due to personal reasons, thus sales were at a very minimum.







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