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The Story Of


An idea hatched late 2016, by longtime friends Sébastien Malherbe (originally from Nice, France), and Jocelyn Arsenault (originally from Prince Edward Island, Canada). The two entrepreneurs decided to put their talents together to work on a new entrepreneurial challenge: build a new profitable venture from scratch. Soon after, Angie Arsenault and Chloé Comte joined the founding team, lending their talents and skills to the company while bringing more gender equilibrium to the table.

The team is now composed of a digital product designer, a digital business advisor, a blogger / living space designer and an artist. 

The idea was to design a luxury classic watch for the fashion-conscious men & women looking for a sophisticated and contemporary style, without breaking the bank; a watch that would stand out from the mass-produced minimalist designed watches that have flooded the market; a watch that would have a positive impact on the world by giving back.

Jocelyn Arsenault

Co-Founder & Director of Operations

Passionate about all thigs digital, Jocelyn has been involved in the Web development realm his whole career, since 1997. Helping large organizations and brands develop and refine their online strategy as an independent digital business consultant. Building products that improve the way people live and work

Sebastien Malherbe

Co-Founder & Director of Product

Hard-working with a very keen eye for details, Sebastien is a successful product designer. He has been involved in many startups and large company projects helping them to understand user challenges and business opportunities. Driven by his passion for design, he is the creative mind behind the Mont Royal Watches collections.

Chloé Comte

Co-Founder & Director of Commercialization

Always looking around for the latest trend, Chloé is a product stylist, designer and well-kn owned blogger at  She also happen to be a jeweler and designer for a well-established luxury jewelry store in Paris before moving to Canada, and so her interest and participation in the project comes to no surprise.

Angie Arsenault

Co-Founder & Director of Social-Responsibility

Angie is an accomplished musician, producer-composer and vocal coach, and is the first Canadian artist to have successfully crowdfunded the production of an album. An activist at heart from a very early age, Angie is a firm believer in "do good and good will come".

“A watch does much more than tell time - it makes a statement.“

One year later, with original designs for two watch series and a very successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, Mont Royal Watches was born. A company that designs and makes luxury watches at an affordable price by selling directly to the consumer through their online store.

100% Designed in Montréal"

The team wanted to feature their beloved city of Montreal within the brand and story, as it is a place known for its diversity, its “joie de vivre”, its acceptance, and its flourishing design & innovation community, and what better way to pay tribute to their adoptive city then by choosing the name of the iconic mountain which stands at the center of the city: Le Mont-Royal.

Our Mission

“Make great products that offer a positive impact on the world around us”

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Our Mission

“Make great products that offer a positive impact on the world around us”

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